What’s a collaborative design haus?

And seriously, who is moore+one?

Don’t worry you’re not the first to ask this question and (even in light of this post) you won’t be that last. And that’s ok.

Moore+One or, mooreplusone is the brainchild of me; Jason Moore. If this were an equation, I’d be the “moore” part. And you…well you’re the 1. That’s right. without even knowing it, you’re exactly who I had in mind when I put the one after “moore”.

See – design isn’t necessarily synergistic, but having a design haus is. I can sit around all day thinking up cool things, drawing pictures, painting walls. But without clients who have a need for cutting edge design work, there is no service. Without clients who dream big things and have a need to get those things out in front of others, there is no collaboration. And that is the essence of why I do what I do. To serve my clients. To collaborate with people who have a need…As partners.

Let’s face it…anyone with a weekend and a well-known, overly priced photo-editing program could probably manage to put something together. But that isn’t why you’re here. You’re here to see what I can do and whether I can help you. You can find those examples in my portfolio (<- –  hint: categories to the left ).

So that’s it. Me + You = moore+one

Enjoy your visit, and if I can be of any further service (or answer any questions), please contact me.