Sovereign Grace Church is a part of Sovereign Grace Ministries. They had been using WordPress and were looking for a site “refresh”. I was able to update their theme, and bring the system to the current version of WordPress. I also provided sermon and calendar plugins, that allowed them to showcase both the audio and video of their sermons messages.

Additionally I committed to on-site training sessions, to ensure that staff was able to update the site without outside support. A great group of people to work with. You can see the finished product at

Customer Testimonial

“If you enjoy working with people who are knowledgeable, proficient, trustworthy, kind and yet, are still willing to listen intently to your ideas and patiently answer your questions then Jason is your man. We were extremely satisfied with his work ethic and professionalism. Moreover, one of the best parts of working with Jason is that he will make you feel like he is a part of your team and wants the best for you. I couldn’t recommend someone higher than him.”

Jason Hansen, Pastor

Sovereign Grace Church

Technologies used: Wordpress PHP CSS Coda Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Photoshop