Grace Church is a recent church plant from Sovereign Grace Church, out of Gilbert, AZ.

I was commissioned to lead their logo design. After meeting with their Pastor, Chris Daukas, I was clear with their goals in designing a logo that was (a) geographically appropriate (b) timeless yet contemporary and lastly, focused on the cross of the Christian faith.

This logo have many interesting pieces to it’s meaning. While the colors are easy to decipher as “Arizona” themed by nature, the graphic itself takes the cross an additional step. You’ll notice the vine work behind the cross, significant of Jesus’ teaching in John 15. While the bounding circle to the vines and 2 secondary circles behind it lend a trinitarian feel, the mark as a whole are meant as a water mark. I finished the mark by including a cross that was both modern and yet lent itself as a reminder of this church’s reformed leanings.

Both the Pastor and leadership team were extremely happy with the final result and I am working with them on current branding pieces including signage, internet strategies and corporate identity.

Technologies used:

Adobe Illustrator Pantone Swatchbooks